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Friday, 15 April 2016

April Workshop - Mandy Pattullo - Forest Animals

I don't know how we slept on Friday night. When our doors opened at 9.30, the room was buzzing with excitement. Mandy Pattullo revealed more of her wonderful work on Forest Animals and let us choose a piece of antique quilt as our background, and an animal template to work from. After detailed instructions and demonstrations, we were let loose on our own pieces. 

Much snipping and tearing later, we were surprised to find it was lunchtime already. "Time flies when you are having fun" proved to be so true.

Following cutting, stitching and much concentration, our animals started to appear. Hares, foxes, wolves, chickens and even a hound began to take shape. Tables were covered with precious snips of fabric, and comments about how we would now never be able to throw away even the tiniest scrap of fabric were heard being muttered around the room. No stash busting for us then...

All too soon, it was four o'clock and time for Mandy to leave us. We all agreed that we wanted her to come back for another weekend workshop, and fortunately, she agreed. What a fantastic day we had. I don't think I've worked as hard or the meeting room so quiet as everyone was so deep in thought as they created their creatures. There will be much sewing to be done at home, but it's such a pleasurable process. (Words by Wyn Ingham, Halifax Chair)

These are the photos of the work created by our members on the day - I can't wait to see the finished items, these animals are so appealing! 

Davina's Stag

Margaret's Fox

Jayne B's Stag

Janice's Hare

Liz's Wolf

Abigail's Fox

Vanessa's Stag

Wyn's Hare

Sandra's Stag

Jo's very exuberant Hare

Sue H's Hare

Sue K's Hare

Jan's Snow Hare

Anne's Hare

Jane's Deer Hound (I think it might be Milly)

Rona's Hare

Irene's Hen

*For those of you who maybe aren't stitchers or are not aware of this wonderful product, the blue lines are made by an alcohol pen, which over the course of a day or so vanishes so that you have an outline to work with whilst piecing your fabric.

Thanks to Davina for documenting this wonderful work! 

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