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New members are always welcome - why not call in and join us as a guest for a few months?
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Monday, 12 March 2012

March Meeting - Maggie Smith

After a few minutes confusion when I don't think even Maggie knew if her last name was Smith, Grey or Thatcher, she went on to tell us how she had been inspired to "Shape, Stuff and Stitch". It is not surprising that Maggie ended up as a needlewoman as her grandmother was a tailoress to the Duchess of Devonshire, and there's no escaping from that kind of heritage! 
Maggie has only been working with textiles for 20 years but having seen her City and Guilds work and some of her earlier pieces you would think that she had been stitching since she could pick up a needle! It was during these early test pieces that Maggie first started drawing and painting on fabric to emphasise the 3D effect she wanted to achieve, and much of her work has been a development of that - moving from traditional stumpwork to the layered and plastered techniques that are typical of her pieces. 

As well as these "art pieces" Maggie explained that she had a commercial side too and showed us the dolls, books, birds in big boots and other small items that she sells in order to finance the fine art side of her "career" and the upkeep of her studio. 
On Saturday 3rd March, Maggie held a successful workshop at the Maurice Jagger Centre, attended by members and guests. 

Other news from the March meeting was that Brighouse Arts Festival Committee have asked if we will, as a Branch, produce a 6' tall figure of a man, who will be "climbing" up the outside of the old Sugden's Flour Mill in Brighouse, which now houses the ROKT Climbing Gym. 
Never ones to turn down a challenge, of course we agreed and are going to have a one day workshop in July (possibly the 8th) in order to construct this masterpiece. One of our new members has already volunteered to draw him so that's the hard part over!

On the Saturday following the meeting, Maggie ran a workshops for members, passing on her unique style of "stuffing" fabric and creating beautiful textured pieces. Below are some works in progress by (top) Helen and (bottom) Alexis.