We are a group of women (but men are welcome!) who have an interest in textile art and embroidery. We are of mixed abilities and there is no need for you to be able to sew to come and join us - there are no tests!
New members are always welcome - why not call in and join us as a guest for a few months?
Meeting fee for visitors is only £5.
Our meetings vary - we have talks and workshops, show and tell - we also have lots of weekend workshops and playdays. For details of what's coming up (and what's been and gone!) check out our programme below...

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Inbetweeners - Sue's Etui

Apologies to Sue Tebbutt because I have been meaning to post this fabulous Etui, which she made for a lucky friend, for ages. 

The quality of the minute detailing on the box is exquisite. 

The flowers (or as Wyn calls them, "warts"…) are made detached from the piece and then applied later.

We are lucky to have such talented members.
Please keep your photos coming! 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

April Meeting and Workshop - Judy Tadman - 3D Crochet

One of our members, Judy Tadman, is an internationally acclaimed artist who works with rope and rope-type materials, sculpting them into organic shapes and forms with the use of crochet-type techniques. 

On Friday she gave a talk to the group about her work, telling how she developed the technique herself whilst studying art at what is now the Batley School of Art and Design at Kirklees College, following a career in nursing. Her pieces range from the small and intricate, to huge and robust outdoor sculptures. 

This was followed up on Saturday by a workshop for enthusiastic members 
armed only with a crochet hook! 

Judy supplied a wonderful array of differently textured base materials (rope, string, twigs, hose; anything tubular and linear) and different wools, twines, cords and threads which act as both an anchor and a decoration for the base material. 

Here are the partly completed pieces from our workshop - it will be followed up with the finished "objects" after our next meeting!

Davina raced ahead (she does lots of crochet so had an advantage but those of us who couldn't crochet at all soon picked it up), completing a bowl and continuing with a free-form sculpture.

Margaret H's work

Sue T's work

A close-up of the same piece
Sue later embellished her sculpture with stitching and beads

Polly at work, and her piece along with her super scissors! 

Anita's chic black number

Margaret W's lovely neat work, with added double crochet 

Janice's piece which she is embellishing as she goes along

Irene's red piece. 
Judy explained that when you use natural fibres, 
they always revert to natural forms. 

Wyn's closely stitched piece

Jane had an idea for a loopy piece and is working towards it

Paper twine stitched round a twig, showing the basic technique

Mandy's piece with floral embellishment 
kindly and unintentionally donated by Wyn

It will be interesting to see how they all turn out! 

Judy has a brilliant DVD in which she very clearly demonstrates the techniques she showed us yesterday, a shortened version of it is also on YouTube at this location : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pSsLdfud3I

You can contact her at judytadman@gmail.com or via Facebook