We are a group of women (but men are welcome!) who have an interest in textile art and embroidery. We are of mixed abilities and there is no need for you to be able to sew to come and join us - there are no tests!
New members are always welcome - why not call in and join us as a guest for a few months?
Meeting fee for visitors is only £5.
Our meetings vary - we have talks and workshops, show and tell - we also have lots of weekend workshops and playdays. For details of what's coming up (and what's been and gone!) check out our programme below...

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Regional Competitions

As a reminder and ready reference, here are the Competition categories for the coming year, to be judged at Regional Day in June 2013 : 

This work has to be presented along with background material / source of inspiration (but don't be put off, it doesn't have to be extensive).

Coats-Anchor Award : "UNDERGROUND"
Anything goes for this one, no background work required, but should demonstrate some machine or hand embroidery, or a combination. 

The MJC is your choice of medium and no background work. 

July Meeting

No speaker tonight, it was our "Summer" supper and those of us who managed to brave the "showers" enjoyed some lovely food and shared members' new work. 
We also had a preparatory meeting about the "Climbing Man" that the Halifax Branch are making to adorn the exterior of the old flour mill in Brighouse, which is now the home of the ROK-T climbing wall, during the August Bank Holiday Totally Locally festival and market. 

As you can see, Colin the Climber, brilliantly drawn by Anne Brooke, is already pretty large - and he is only half size at the moment! We are having a day in August to put him together, using rip-stop fabric so that he will be a bit weatherproof (depending on what happens to the weather between now and then - anything possible by the looks of it) and then handing it to ROK-T for them to do the tricky bit.