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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Workshop - Rachael Singleton - A Natural Selection

This month's workshop with Rachael Singleton was print and stitch based. The workshop started off with members foraging for leaves, grasses and feathers to make prints using Gelli plates and acetate sheets. This was a first for many of those taking part in the workshop. 
The morning session was taken up with making as many prints as possible; printing from the Gelli plate, then from the items which had been inked, then using the "ghost" prints that were left on the plate when the items had been removed. 

We printed on different papers - lining paper, teabag paper, tissue paper, newspaper and vintage books and maps - and on fabrics such as linen, calico, net and gauze. 

After a well-earned lunch break, Rachael showed members how to use their prints to create effective collages or smaller pieces such as bookmarks and cards. Nothing was wasted! 
These are their pieces en-route to completion. 

Rona's colourful maple leaf prints

Wyn's diptych of coastal themed prints and textures

Maureen's bold feather print collage

Abigail's prints, some of them already outlined in stitch

Janice's collage with detail stitched from the reverse 
- and is that a cannabis leaf?!

Mandy's collage of feathers, stitching and French dictionary excerpts

The start of Kathryn's collage, and a great leaf print

Margaret W's feather-based triptych including print and actual feathers...

Sue's striking green and purple prints of ferns and grasses

Margaret C's amazing leaf prints

Eleanor's huge paper collage using newsprint

Eleanor's first attempt at free-machining - pretty impressive!

Davina's stitched collage on a textured background

Rachael's website is titled "Folio and Fibre" and you can view it by following the link at the right-hand side of this page.