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Friday, 15 April 2016

April Meeting - Mandy Pattullo

You could feel the excitement in the air at Friday Night's meeting. Mandy Pattullo was visiting us to give a talk followed by a workshop on Saturday. She had attracted most of our members and quite a lot of visitors, some of whom decided to join us as members because they enjoyed the evening so much. We were packed to the rafters.

Mandy held us all in suspense as item by delicious item she unveiled her exquisite embroideries. They all drew gasps of delight. She only hinted at what we were going to be doing on Saturday, as she teased us with deliciousness and treasures. 

How we laughed at her tales of purchasing second hand quilts and textiles. I won't mention the stories here because, you may be wanting to book her for your gatherings.

She moved from quilt based pieces to In Memoria work from the stone carvings on gravestones of the many women and children interred during Victorian times. It was very moving and her work representing this time of sadness is very poignant.

Another area of her talk was about her involvement in Maiden's Garlands which are to be seen in St. Stephen's church in between Staithes and Whitby. For more information on this, visit Mandy's blog - http://mandypattullo.blogspot.com

Mandy also has a general blog - http://threadandthrift.blogspot.com and a website - www.mandypattullo.co.uk

All too soon, the evening was over. Her talk was inspiring. Do book her for your Guild, you certainly won't be disappointed.

All photographs used in this Blog post are Copyright Mandy Pattullo.

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