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Monday, 13 July 2015

July Playday - "Towers of Flowers"

A while ago, textile artist Helen Cowans published instructions in the Embroiderers' Guild "Stitch" magazine for her "Tower of Flowers", a hollow decorative vessel which can be used as an ornament or a vase cover. Halifax members decided to use this as the basis for a Playday, adapting the design in their own colours and styles. 
Basically, a piece of fabric is prepared with snippets of other fabrics which are bonded to the surface to make a new textile; the new textile is cut into three triangles which are used to make pockets which are stuffed with foam core board and are then stitched together and embellished to make the vessel. The edges are wired to allow for manipulation of the points at the top of the triangles, and to allow the hanging of beads from the points.
Unfortunately I was on holiday at the time so I don't currently have details of who did which, but here they are at the end of the Playday - the panels are in varying degrees of completion and are awaiting construction. 
If you recognise yours among them, please let me know and I'll add your name to your piece!

This is Margaret's colourful piece

This tall tower is by Nancy Miller

Wyn placing some organza flowers on her silk snipped background

These are Davina's Daisies! 

*Unfortunately due to a mix-up, my own Tower of Flowers wasn't available to use for reference at the Playday - I am including some photos of it below so that you can see how it is finished off.