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Thursday, 8 March 2018

January Meeting - Saima Kaur

Our January speaker was the engaging Saima Kaur, who currently lives in Hebden Bridge and is a prolific stitcher and maker of colour-popping embroideries inspired by Indian culture and Saima's travels in Asia. Saima's family originate in the Punjab and came to the UK to work in the textile industry. When travelling in India, Saima found herself drawn to the most "Indian-y" looking fabrics and objects, for example this Gujurati beadwork. 
This colourful hanging is an example of Phulkari which is an embroidery technique from the Punjab region (divided between India and Pakistan) and is in a typically geometric design.
Saima likes to stitch pieces which have particular meaning to her. This piece reflects her Indian heritage.
She has embraced the Punjabi tradition of "storytelling quilts" and made this one based on a visit to the circus. 
Following the birth of her daughter, Saima made an heirloom quilt. She explained the meaning behind it and both she and we were quite emotional by the time she'd finished. 
In order to make herself "do something" with her sewing skills, Saima set herself three challenges. 
They were : 
1. To make something for a friend
2. To make something for someone who was not a friend - Saima made a hanging for a café where the staff had been kind to her daughter.
3. To do a craft fair. 
Having completed those challenges and put herself "out there", Saima continues to push herself and is making items to sell. 

If you would like to contact Saima to come and speak to your group, her e-mail address is saimakaur@outlook.com
She is on Instagram as @sewsaima

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