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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June Workshop - Wyn Ingham - Silk Paper Book Covers

Wyn, who is also our Chairman, presented an inspirational workshop on silk paper making at our June workshop. So that we didn't have to wait impatiently for our own samples to dye, she also provided us all with a pre-coloured "book cover" so that we could start embellishing on the day. 

Here are our (incomplete) efforts : 

These are by Jen.
The stitched pattern is a vintage tablecloth transfer. 

These are by Liz

The Dandelions are by Lesley

This is by Maureen

These pieces are by Davina

This piece is Margaret's

This piece is by Wendy

This piece is by Kath

This piece is by Sue K. 
The dragonfly is made by ironing damp cocoon stripping into a wooden stamp. 

This book cover and pocket are two of Wyn's samples.

This is by Mandy. 
The stitched pattern is a vintage tablecloth transfer.

This piece is Maureen's too. 
The fleurs de lys on the left have been stamped and then stitched round. 

This is by Abi. 

This is by Cath

These are by Abi too (she's very busy) 

This is by Janice

Wyn can be contacted regarding bookings for workshops at winniewoo@btinternet.com

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