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Sunday, 16 October 2016

October Meeting - Chairmen's Challenges and an update on those Crazy Creatures!

What a busy weekend we had! As well as our meeting, where we learned from Margaret about fabric manipulation, we also provided the cakes and the tea-room manpower at the AGM at Scarcroft, on Saturday. The cakes were a huge hit and we made over £100 for Branch funds with donations for the cakes, and from our sales table. 
The October meeting was the deadline for our Chairman's Challenge, which this year had the title, "Forgotten Halifax". 
There were 6 entries, all brilliant and completely different from one another! We voted for our favourite with "small change", which was then donated to the Maurice Jagger Centre where we hold our meetings. 
Here are the photos of the entries - apologies for the reflections on those which are behind glass. 

This unusual perspective of the Piece Hall stairs is by Maureen

Vanessa came third with her montage 
including references to the town's sweet past 

 Margaret was in second place 
with her personal history attached to a shuttle.

The well-deserved winner was Janice, 
with her depiction of a factory girl at her loom. 
First prize was £30 so it's well worth entering! 

Next up are the completed "Crazy Creatures". I've NEVER seen so many finished items - what a popular workshop that was, with Annie Lancaster! 

...and one lonely caravan...
(cute though!)

Finally, here are a selection of pages from our "Branch Book", which was the challenge set by our Regional Chairman Pauline, at last year's AGM. 

Next year's challenge is to produce a piece of work that could be photographed and used on notelets that we could then sell to raise funds for the Region. 
Thinking caps on! 

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