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Sunday, 10 July 2016

July Meeting - Show, Sell and Tell a Friend

Another busy meeting for us - we will soon be bursting at the seams! (No pun intended).
As well as showing off our work (which was a bit tricky as most of our work is currently in exhibitions at the Bankfield Museum in Halifax, and at Ripon Cathedral), and selling off some of our excess bits and bobs, some of us also invited friends along, and we shared some splendid cakes with them. We're a generous lot! I apologise for forgetting to photograph the cakes, (another reason we'll soon be bursting at the seams) but here are some of the pieces that members managed to find that hadn't been shipped off elsewhere! 

A varied selection of work by Jo S, including her lovely furrowed bag

Not strictly stitched - Judy is a member of a wood-turning group and sometimes brings some of her lovely pieces for us to fight over as raffle prizes. 

Lovely pieces by Davina including her Winter mittens! 
(Photobombed by Abi's thrush)

Abi's work - the front end of the thrush is in the photo above! Serves it right! 
Abi has been doing lots of chicken scratch stitch. 

Jackie's work includes an ingenious piece made from Dorset buttons - 
very helpful for Davina, who taught herself to make them then gave two classes on them at Bankfield Museum on the following day, using Jackie's piece as a teaching aid. 

Natalie's pieces - a tooth fairy pillow, and a lovely "Frances Pickering" book

Anne's Regional Day trophies, and her new range of printed fabrics.
She's such a clever trousers! 

Lots of work by Maureen including an Elizabethan style pocket 
and her lovely stitched peacock petri dish challenge piece. 

Rona's pieces, including her finished "Sue Spargo" Playday felt shapes

I couldn't fit the whole thing on, but this is a lovely quilt by Janice 
(someone else who doesn't sleep!) and a "4 Seasons" tree.

Lovely work by Jan including her "Jan and Jean" stitched flower meadows

Margaret's colourful "Sue Spargo" pears, finished and mounted

Catherine's "Frances Pickering" book, looking a bit "Van Goughy"!

The only reason I have so many pieces is that none of them are finished! 
They include my "Jan and Jean", a little Linda Miller, and some Valerie Wartelle...

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