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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

February Workshop - Fabulous Felt and Brilliant Beads

Following on from our February meeting, Sandra returned to run a workshop with members, making felt and teaching beading techniques. They also worked on making some textured background fabrics.
Here are our members hard at work! 

It's amazing what you have to bring to a workshop, "just in case"...

 Some beading samples...
 Sue L

Sue H

Sue K (I promise, not all our members are called Sue!)





Margaret (I'm very intrigued about that red bead!)

Felt AND beads! That's just showing off...

It's a shame our "Small World" challenge has finished!

Davina's added another continent to hers

A group shot

The start of a lovely muted collage

A colourful piece by Jo

Rachael's interpretation of rock strata

I think Jane's hoping for some freebies for her product placement...

A close-up of Jane's lovely Lucky Bag piece

There wasn't mushroom to fit in this photo of Catherine's work

A very textured felt piece with added fibres, by Janice

I feel like I'm actually in Scotland, looking at this beaded, felted piece by Sue L 

Felt, needle felt and Tyvek are the basis of Sue H's collage

I love the piece of seaweed in the foreground of this painted fabric by Margaret

It's going to be interesting to see how these pieces develop! 

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