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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

National Day of Stitch - 1st August 2015 - and some Hearts

Fast becoming an annual event is the National Day of Stitch, which falls at the start of August. Some branches in the Region organised exhibitions or visited craft stores to carry out demonstrations. This year, we asked our members to send us photos of themselves stitching on National Stitch Day, wherever they happened to be. 

Anne happened to be crossing the Atlantic on her way home from Florida and here are her stitching photos!

Anne's stitch samples, with "mother's little helper"!

Anne's husband wondering if there's anywhere that Anne won't sew?

The scene of the crime

Rona and Jane spent the day stitching together at Jane's house, doing some more work on their Flower Towers (see earlier post) while enjoying good food and companionship. They also paid a visit to Jane's allotment. 

Rona hard at work - not sure if this is before or after the cream cakes!

Jane doing some hand-stitching - those Flower Towers are very time consuming! 

 If any other members have photos of themselves stitching this week, or just want to let me know what they were doing, I'll add your stories to the collection! 

Rona also sent me this lovely photo of the work she started at the "Hearts" Playday in February which is in the style of Jue Hill. It is made from strips of damask tablecloth with scraps of other fabric used for the hearts.  


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  2. Isn't 1st August also Yorkshire Day? I met someone from the Halifax Branch at the TSG Summer School - Rachel Singleton?