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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Inbetweeners - "The Simple Things in Life"

Rachael has recently been published in an e-zine so I asked her to let us know all about it! 
She says : I have recently been invited to write a small article for ‘Threads-in-Fusion’, an e mag from the Thread Studio, run by Dale Rollerson.  
The magazines contains articles around a particular theme, and often describe how the writers have approached their projects.
The eighth edition is out now, and is on ‘Little Books’. I have written about my stitch sampler for the Guild, which I made by rusting some fabric and an old pair of jeans with old washers and a strong cup of tea.  The piece is called ‘The Simple things in Life’ as it has been done using very basic stitches and a simple approach.   
I have been keeping a Blog of various things I have been doing, including the sampler, which Dale noticed there. It’s funny where things lead to, but it was a nice surprise to be asked something.  

Here are a couple of photos from the online piece; Rachael will bring along a printed copy to the next meeting. (Or you can print one off and ask her to autograph it for you!)  

You will find Rachael's Blog at https://folioandfibre.wordpress.com - go and have a look, it's very inspiring! 

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