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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

October Meeting - Jade Marczynski

We were lucky enough to welcome another three new members this month, one of whom spent the meeting stitching some exquisite work of her own design. Isobel's work is fantastic; tiny stitches and witty, colourful pieces. 
Here are a couple of examples of her work : 

Rona has spent the month stitching a lovely colourful "garden" in French Knots and said that she really enjoyed concentrating on one stitch and found it quite therapeutic. 

Our October speaker was Jade Marczynski, a textile artist in her 20s from Saltaire, who has studied at Huddersfield University, and was chosen by Selvedge to display her work in the window of their offices in London following her degree showcase. 

Whilst currently working as a teaching assistant, Jade is managing to continue with her stitching and brings her textile art into her work with children. She also exhibits at the Saltaire Arts Festival in her own house. Her main body of work is based on interviews she has carried out with local people about their wartime experiences. Many of her pieces, which are hand-stitched on vintage textiles appropriate to the interviewee, carry a poignant message and are very moving; others are funny, and all are insightful. 

It's hard to tell because they are stitched so neatly, but the filler stitches on these two pieces are tiny, incredibly neat cross stitches. 

You can contact Jade on her website at http://www.jademarczynski.co.uk
or via her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jade-Marczynski-Embroidery/144904178923138

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