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Sunday, 3 August 2014

August Playday - 3D Beach Huts

Continuing with the sea-side theme, for our August Playday we made fun 3D beach huts. 
As always when measurements are involved, there were some problems with ensuring that when stitched the pieces remained square enough to assemble, but the semi-finished items show that it was worth the effort! I can't wait to see the finished items! 

Irene bucked the trend by making some flat beach huts

Jo must have worked like mad - her beach hut is nearly finished. 
The outside is made from pieced strips, the inside has a picture and a door, 
and the roof has matching gable ends. 

Davina is making a cheery stripy / spotty beach hut 
with a natty functioning door!

Margaret not only made a beach hut, but also knocked up a matching deck-chair and flip-flops - she also had some wonderful beachy background fabric.

Liz's lovely beach hut with its spotty roof has a starfish for embellishment. 

Sandra was worried that her stripes weren't straight, 
but they look just fine to me!

Helen decided to make an appliquéd beach scene

Catherine made a lovely rainbow-striped hut, along with its own lawn

Sue M made a bumper-sized beach hut in lovely contrasting patterns

Jan's beach hut even has a hinged door. That's just showing off. 

Wyn's lovely hut in shades of blue has matching "wallpaper" lining

Here is our holiday village, complete with holidaymakers! 

Jane B made a lovely hut complete with surfboard and bunting, however she seems to have escaped without me taking a photo of it.

Hopefully I will soon be able to update this with some finished items...

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  1. What fun. They would look lovely in a bathroom. Makes one feel it is still summer ... although it is raining here of course!!